How to prevent data loss from your iPhone?

Looking to copy all your music easily? Worried about how you can go about creating a copy of your iTunes library? Unlike Windows, Apple is a bit restrictive and you would want to ensure that you’ve it right.

If you have ever wondered whether you could transfer your entire iTunes library to a USB Drive and carry all your important files like music and photos with you, then the answer is yes, you can absolutely do that! You can use Data recovery service in Miami to have the data retrieved using tools such as cellebrite, or just try the restore via iTues from the cloud.


Why should you transfer?

There are several reasons why you might want to transfer your iTunes Library onto a USB Drive.

  1. You get to carry all your important files with you, no matter where you’re going.
  2. If you have limited drive space, then this option can be particularly helpful to you.


How to prevent data loss from your iPhone?

Let’s start transferring the iTunes library:

If you have the USB drive ready, then just read the following steps to easily transfer your iTunes Library onto the USB which will help you retain your useful data without taking up extra drive space.

Step 1: Open up iTunes and select the ‘Advanced’ option.

Step 2: To find out the present location look below the ‘iTunes Media Folder Location’ and then copy that path.

Step 3: Now move to the iTunes Library File Path, through the Finder on Mac, that you shall find most likely find at the location given below

~/Music / iTunes/

Step 4: Connect the USB to which you want to transfer the iTunes library to.

Step 5: From ~/Music / iTunes/ copy the iTunes Media Folder to the USB by just dragging and dropping it. Don’t do anything until the transfer is complete.

Don’t do anything until the transfer is complete.

Step 6: Open iTunes again and below the iTunes Media Folder Location click on the Change option to choose the new location.

Step 7: Now open the iTunes Media Folder that you just copied on the USB drive.

Step 8: Now click Ok to finish the process.


Note: Please remember that in order to successfully transfer the iTunes Library onto a USB Drive, the drive must be properly connected to the computer, no matter what you are trying to transfer. They are very tiny devices and extremely cost effective and have more than enough space to save up huge iTunes libraries. If you’re transferring the library to create more space in the hard drive, then delete the iTunes Media from the main hard drive, once the transfer is complete.

Usually, the best place to transfer your entire iTunes library is to a USB Drive since it is faster and unnecessary lags that can crop up traditional external hard drives can be avoided easily. It’s also a great way to ensure that you never lose out on the music you love.


Top Antivirus Programs for 2017

Recent studies indicate that 1 in 10 websites are infested with viruses and other harmful elements, which can make any computer take a downfall in different aspects. Many people rely on free anti-virus software that comes with Windows or Internet Explorer. However, these programs do not represent adequate protection against the growing list of digital threats. For this reason, it is suggested to install professional grade antivirus on computers. Thankfully, there are many effective antivirus programs to protect you, but there are a few, in particular, that are standing out at the moment due to their effectiveness, low cost, and innovation (below).

Top Antivirus Programs for 2017


Norton Security Deluxe 2017

It is without a doubt that Norton has always stood out meaningfully from the competition, which is why it is one of the top leaders in antivirus program solutions. Every year, Norton programs sell like hotcakes, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to stop anytime soon. The Norton Deluxe 2017 provides you with file cleanup facility, disk optimizer, password manager, and a more precise virus scanning experience.

McAfee Total Protection 2017

This program has a very valuable file lock, which is a data vault that will protect your files from a variety of different harmful elements, including ransomware. McAfee has always stood out for providing virus protection at an affordable cost, and this year is not the exception. It can capture and delete even the most dangerous threats known at the moment.

ESET Internet Security 10

If you are looking for an affordable option that will provide the highest-quality of protection, ESET is your best bet. It provides call filtering, which is a mobile security option that cannot be found in other programs that are out there. It can keep your devices well-protected all year long.

Noteworthy Tips

Every day new threats to digital security arise, which is why updating our protection programs is mandatory. Updating them every 3 or 4 days is a healthy habit. Occasionally, a virus escapes the active protection of the antivirus and infects the system. Scheduling daily scans of the entire hard drive can be invaluable in detecting, isolating, and deleting harmful programs. Some viruses operate by adding external devices. Windows users can disable the auto-run function by following the operating system version.

Sometimes through distraction, users end up clicking’ on attachments they receive via email, even knowing that it is a risky action. Once this is done, the result may not be visible at the moment, but a virus or trojan may be acting in the computer’s memory, recording and stealing sensitive information.

Check URL Information to Stay 100% Safe

The main browsers have protection mechanisms that notify when you approach a potentially harmful website. However, it is vital to be careful when sharing personal information over the Internet. Always check if the page that you are on can be trusted. Check if the URL is from the organization or company. Some hackers installsite with a design identical to the original to confuse. If you follow the previously mentioned, you’ll be just fine!

Computer Forensics at Court

c1When it comes to the matters at court, then a specialist that has been needed more and more to provide expert opinion would be the computer forensics experts. Reality witnesses are so named in light of the fact that they confine their declaration to truths about which they have individual information, despite the fact that in specific conditions a reality witnesses may likewise give feeling declaration or what is known as a lay assessment. The lay sentiment, in any case, is restricted to the genuine impression of the witness or what may somehow or another be useful to comprehend their declaration.

The Role of Computer Forensics at Court

c5The denial against truth witness declaration in light of logical, specialized or concentrated information is proposed to keep away from circumstances where specialists affirm in lay witness and stay away from the exceptional exposure and assessment strategies built up for specialists. At the point when the uncommon strategies for specialists have not been taken after, master declaration and sentiment have not been allowed, in spite of the fact that witnesses have still been allowed to affirm about authentic matters. The reservation of logical, specialized or concentrated learning to master witnesses and its avoidance from reality witnesses can have noteworthy outcomes for even routine situations where PC forensics was utilized for assignments as apparently basic as safeguarding Electronically Stored Information or separating the ESI for responsive archives.

c4All things considered, when affirming about the accumulation, the clarification would include theexchange of the instruments, gear, and techniques used to guarantee precise gathering of the information, for example, compose assurance, mistake location, information check, as well as information security. Essentially, a declaration about the scan of the ESI for responsive records would include clarification of specialized issues identified with phonetics, insights, and innovation. All in all, in case you need to prove something related to computers at court, call upon a computer forensics expert.

Who is a Computer Forensics Expert?

c7In case you have a case that needs you to crack some essential information on the computer, then the help of a computer forensics expert is really needed. Both customers and their lawyer ought to perceive this reality and figure out how best to utilize the attitudes of PC specialists to not just win the case from a specialized evidential point of view yet additionally to oversee it proficiently and financially. After all,being triumphant on the legitimate question without a financial triumph too is simply losing in an unexpected way.

The Role of a Computer Forensics Expert

c3The accompanying segments give direction to customers and litigators on the work of PC forensic specialists and the components that ought to be considered to discover and select them. Keeping in mind the end goal to discover and select a PC forensic master, one should first recognize what they are looking for. PC forensics is the use of specialized learning, aptitude, and experience to take care of legitimate issues including computerized confirmation. Since more than ninety-eight percent of all data is put away on a PC, PC related lawful issues can show themselves in a bunch of ways that range from distinguishing proof of information sources and after that advance to conservation, choice, examination and presentation of the information.

c6The term master has an exceptional importance when utilized by litigators and others as a part of the lawful calling. In their vernacular, the expression master regularly implies a witness that affirms about subjects is capable of including logical, specialized or concentrated learning and renders a sentiment about the proof for a situation.Different witnesses, known as truth witnesses, can’t. Actually, truth witnesses are precluded from giving a declaration about logical, specialized or concentrated information. In this way, in case you need to give proof of a situation in a legitimate way regarding computers, a forensics expert is needed.



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